About Us

                                                   ASKICA TURAN is an unique brand which is developed to produce limited edition products for limited time in high quality by the proffesional designers which is named Golden Designs Team to effect the world.

What makes ASKICA TURAN an unique brand ?

– Each designs have a story and a beautiful messages to the world.

– It is a brand for heros. Because, there is a percentage for every child by unicef.

– The products are designed ın a formula, by golden ratio and all of them are unisex.

– Production is eco and recycle. 

What means Limited Edition in Limited time ?

– One design appears in the limited shopping period for once and disappears forever if you dont buy it.

– If you buy it in the period, you can change it infinity times by charging %30 of the price and sending back us the product.

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Boss Müteahhitlik Ltd.Sti.AS.